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Freight customs clearance in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Company “M.Trans” has been working in the market of forwarding services since 1997. Activity of “M.Trans” company is logistics, freight forwarding and customs clearance of the cargo, declaring of the Customer’s goods in Saint-Petersburg.

Our services.

  • Freight custom clearance and declaring in the custom office of the North-Western region
  • International road truck transportation of goods and cargoes to Russia
  • Certification, delivery and forwarding of the cargoes
  • Picking the cargo in Europe
  • Goods consolidation in the custom warehouses of the European countries
  • Delivery and custom paperwork for general cargo
  • Custom declaring of the cargo in the territory of Russian Federation.

You can call (812) 309-28-50 (Saint-Petersburg) and (499) 703-40-14 (Moscow) and ask our specialists all kinds of custom clearance questions or you can send an order for custom clearance of the goods for the planned or current cargoes.
Long and successful experience of work helped us become real professionals and build a strong team of qualified specialists in custom paperwork in Saint-Petersburg. Our employees know foreign languages and possess all knowledge in custom clearance, that can be useful in custom service and logistics sphere and in foreign trade.

We solve all tasks in freight customs clearance quickly, properly and comprehensively, as we have worked out effective cooperation in custom declaring with the warehouses in Europe and China. Besides, “M.Trans” company has close ties with reliable transport companies in Russia and Europe, marine container lines, reliable insurance companies, specialists in custom clearance and custom brokers.

Our customers are not only large corporations and big factories, making chains of deliveries, but also smaller companies, who only need custom paperwork.  We are successful because we provide individual approach to every customer, look for and offer the most effective, profitable and reliable decisions in custom clearance of the goods.

We respect all our customers and partners and worship them. Keeping - professional and ethic standards is indispensable condition of our service.

Ironically enough, but custom clearance of small cargo (1 kg and more) as a rule is related to substantial financial and time expenses. It is especially true to custom declaring and international transportation.

It is best to turn to professionals in order to organize the transportation, delivery and custom clearance of small cargoes reasonably, economically and fast.

Entrust complicated routine work to those, who really knows how to do it – to our cargo customs clearance specialists!

The main direction of our activity is custom clearance of imported equipment and building materials. We also provide Russian export custom services. Our custom clearance specialists work in all custom posts in Saint-Petersburg. With the help of our partners we assist in custom clearance in other regions of Russian Federation.

Сustoms clearance, Russia

Vast experience and effective work with the partners let “M.Trans” company deliver and declare even small cargoes totally in correspondence with your expectations. One branch of our activities is delivery of general cargo from Europe and China.

When delivering international cargoes it is important not only to organize transportation and work out the route, but make all the paperwork correctly. It includes declaring cargoes in the exporting countries, getting all necessary approval documents in the customs and license for export/import and if it is needed certification of the goods. Besides, the process of custom paperwork in the receiving country is also very important.

In order to organize the process correctly one should know all stages of cargo delivery, characteristic aspects of international transportation and, what is the most important thing, legislative framework, regulating custom paperwork and foreign trade in the whole.

Vast experience in custom services let “M.Trans” company take the responsibility and guarantee you fast and high quality cargo delivery.

 Quickness, quality, reliability. There are no unsolvable tasks for us!